Christmas Joy Or Not

Lurking right under my nose amidst all the gaiety of this past holiday season was human evidence that cleverness and cash can’t always capture the perfect gift. Try as we may though, on December 24th my sister and I combined a delightful visit together with a last minute shopping spree. A twofer of sorts which … Continue reading Christmas Joy Or Not


A good friend of mine who has been successful in both business and as a father and husband highly values what is commonly referred to as EQ or emotional quotient, which many experts agree is even more important for success than your IQ, or intelligence quotient. I told him his conversations about EQ had inspired … Continue reading OPEN YOUR POSSIBILITIES

Petite Packing

“Yes, I do need all of those clothes,” I testily tell my husband as he looks disapprovingly at my pair of suitcases standing ready for 4 weeks abroad. This scene has played itself out repeatedly over the years. And I honestly don’t know why he bothers complaining about my luggage. “Because I have to carry … Continue reading Petite Packing


I’ve gotten a late start on Lent this year. Mostly because I can’t think of a sacrifice spectacular enough to warrant the commitment. Just “giving up” something doesn’t seem worthwhile in itself. From my perspective the practice should accomplish something bigger than an exercise in self restraint. A search for ideas lead me to some impressive … Continue reading LENT: BAN BODILY EMBELLISHMENTS

Face Your Fear

  It is always amazing when ordinary people do extraordinary things. As was the case with a young man in Worcester, England  who happens to be married to my husband’s niece. Samantha was 9 months pregnant with her third child when she felt certain her baby’s birth was imminent. So she and her husband, Grant, … Continue reading Face Your Fear