Go To New Zealand. Just Go.

    “You will love New Zealand,” said every person I ever spoke to about this vast, remote and completely beautiful country. And that, surprisingly, includes the Aussies who, though separated by 1000 miles of ocean in the Pacific, still maintain a long standing rivalry of sorts with their Kiwi neighbors.  “Beautiful country,” said our Australian … Continue reading Go To New Zealand. Just Go.

First Class Fantasy

  Kai Pfaffenbach/Reuters They say money can’t make you happy. But, really, they are wrong. The absolute luxury of boarding the first class cabin of an Emirates Airbus 380 surpasses any flight I have ever taken. And that’s before we have even left the tarmac. The interior of the plane looks more like a Bentley than a … Continue reading First Class Fantasy

Round The World

Just prior to any occasion requiring gift giving my loving husband would always inquire of me: “What would you like for your birthday or Christmas or anniversary?” To which I would always respond in exactly the same way: “I would like to go around the world.”  A request that consistently fell upon deaf ears. Until … Continue reading Round The World