The 2% Way

I just spoke with a friend who said she had just walked 8 miles. Another who will say YES to almost anything that provides new experiences, like skydiving which she has enthusiastically done. Another friend speaks several languages and has decided to enhance her love of language and the arts by volunteering at a museum. … Continue reading The 2% Way

Filterless Friends

 “I hate your hair!” Honestly, those were the first words that came out of my good friend’s mouth upon seeing, for the very first time, my transformation from straight haired lass to a newly curled one. I had decided two weeks prior to get a perm (a la Glenn Close in FATAL ATTRACTION), thinking it … Continue reading Filterless Friends


Are you happy? If so, why? I ask this question because for the 6th year in a row the United Nations World Happiness Report has ranked Finland as the happiest nation on earth, despite opinions to the contrary expressed by its very own citizens.  “I wouldn’t say that I consider us very happy,” said Nina … Continue reading HAPPINESS HIGH 


Just as ‘long covid’ symptoms still exist for some medical patients who developed the virus, so does the bad behavior that seemed to erupt during those first long months of deprivation and isolation. The pandemic revealed the underbelly of societal selfishness which was always hovering just below the surface of our world and has now … Continue reading INCIVILITY RULES