Just as ‘long covid’ symptoms still exist for some medical patients who developed the virus, so does the bad behavior that seemed to erupt during those first long months of deprivation and isolation. The pandemic revealed the underbelly of societal selfishness which was always hovering just below the surface of our world and has now … Continue reading INCIVILITY RULES

Go To New Zealand. Just Go.

    “You will love New Zealand,” said every person I ever spoke to about this vast, remote and completely beautiful country. And that, surprisingly, includes the Aussies who, though separated by 1000 miles of ocean in the Pacific, still maintain a long standing rivalry of sorts with their Kiwi neighbors.  “Beautiful country,” said our Australian … Continue reading Go To New Zealand. Just Go.

First Class Fantasy

  Kai Pfaffenbach/Reuters They say money can’t make you happy. But, really, they are wrong. The absolute luxury of boarding the first class cabin of an Emirates Airbus 380 surpasses any flight I have ever taken. And that’s before we have even left the tarmac. The interior of the plane looks more like a Bentley than a … Continue reading First Class Fantasy

Round The World

Just prior to any occasion requiring gift giving my loving husband would always inquire of me: “What would you like for your birthday or Christmas or anniversary?” To which I would always respond in exactly the same way: “I would like to go around the world.”  A request that consistently fell upon deaf ears. Until … Continue reading Round The World

Christmas Joy Or Not

Lurking right under my nose amidst all the gaiety of this past holiday season was human evidence that cleverness and cash can’t always capture the perfect gift. Try as we may though, on December 24th my sister and I combined a delightful visit together with a last minute shopping spree. A twofer of sorts which … Continue reading Christmas Joy Or Not


A good friend of mine who has been successful in both business and as a father and husband highly values what is commonly referred to as EQ or emotional quotient, which many experts agree is even more important for success than your IQ, or intelligence quotient. I told him his conversations about EQ had inspired … Continue reading OPEN YOUR POSSIBILITIES