3 thoughts on “DRESS UP”

  1. Bravo!! I concur!!Today, there are a great number of people who do not recognize that there is a time for dressing up and taking great care with one’s appearance. I believe that everytime you go out in public, you feel so much better for the attention to detail that you have taken .. Thank God for my dear Mom who was always a dressy lady and taught me the great joy of dressing up- looking appropriate and put together!

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  2. I’m seeing this years after it was posted. Absolutely agree! There’s a joy in dressing well for men, too. From an early age we’re telling our boys aggressive is good and gentle isn’t. From where I sit (a guy), it is usually not the ladies who are looking like they fell out of a turnip truck. It’s the guys. Boys being taught from a young age that aggressive is manly and being delicate isn’t. I actually feel better about myself in a suit. The boys have to be taught that’s not just okay, but encouraged.


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