First Class Fantasy

  Kai Pfaffenbach/Reuters They say money can’t make you happy. But, really, they are wrong. The absolute luxury of boarding the first class cabin of an Emirates Airbus 380 surpasses any flight I have ever taken. And that’s before we have even left the tarmac. The interior of the plane looks more like a Bentley than a … Continue reading First Class Fantasy

Round The World

Just prior to any occasion requiring gift giving my loving husband would always inquire of me: “What would you like for your birthday or Christmas or anniversary?” To which I would always respond in exactly the same way: “I would like to go around the world.”  A request that consistently fell upon deaf ears. Until … Continue reading Round The World


I’ve gotten a late start on Lent this year. Mostly because I can’t think of a sacrifice spectacular enough to warrant the commitment. Just “giving up” something doesn’t seem worthwhile in itself. From my perspective the practice should accomplish something bigger than an exercise in self restraint. A search for ideas lead me to some impressive … Continue reading LENT: BAN BODILY EMBELLISHMENTS

Face Your Fear

  It is always amazing when ordinary people do extraordinary things. As was the case with a young man in Worcester, England  who happens to be married to my husband’s niece. Samantha was 9 months pregnant with her third child when she felt certain her baby’s birth was imminent. So she and her husband, Grant, … Continue reading Face Your Fear


Bless the English for trying to save a life by painting directional advice on  roadways. “Look RIGHT”  is suggested before crossing one street of traffic or “look LEFT” as the case may be. Foreigners, like me, appreciate the effort. But in the Netherlands it is another story entirely. “Be Careful,”was the last thing our cab … Continue reading ANXIOUS IN AMSTERDAM

Death Etiquette

              Ancient Egyptians spent their whole lives preparing for the end of their lives. But dying is the one certainty most of us never plan for. It always blindsides us. I want open casket when I die. Not just from the waist up, but from the feet up, both … Continue reading Death Etiquette