Take Your Time-Corona Advice

7 thoughts on “Take Your Time-Corona Advice”

  1. So nice to have you back on my computer. Hope all is as well as it can be through this and for your life now in general. Very fondly, Gerry Dromeshauser


  2. CATHERINE SIMPSON simpson.c@rogers.com

    Dearest Darlene, Thank you so much! It’s delightful to read your blog and I am so glad that you are continuing your charming and insightful writing! You made my rather ordinary day so meaningful. Sharing your thoughts and feelings is such a part of that very special YOU!! It is great to know that you are with your wonderful family through these rather unusual times! I will “TAKE MY TIME” and always keep you in my thoughts and prayers!

    Love and hugs, Cathy



  3. Darling Darlene……you have such a wonderful way of putting your thoughts into words…..and can hear your voice as I read…..almost as good as having you here. Big hugs & love…..Shelly


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