Burning Daylight

5 thoughts on “AN UNHAPPY BIRTHDAY”

  1. Darlene much like you I don’t talk about my age! Grateful everyday to wake up, but being in the skin care and color cosmetics business it’s best to keep them guessing! Having said that I celebrated my girlfriend and my big birthdays in Spain for 2 weeks with 2 other girlfriends and my actual birthday with the love of my life and our children and their spouses, it was the best! I’ll continue to love each day I get but you’ll never see me celebrate 11/18 any big way! Keep writing, live your blogs!!!!


  2. Darlene, Happy Belated Birthday, You look buff and better than most 30 year olds. Keep living well. Your a testament that disciplining one self is no easy task. Bravo to you! I must ask, Do you have a trainer? Or is it just good genes! Keep us posted!


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