Round The World

3 thoughts on “Round The World”

  1. Darlene, I so enjoyed your tale! When I was married, I recall similar rational!! Now , I just grin and lug!
    Looking forward to the next instalment!!
    Love and hugs, Cathy XXXOOO


  2. Hi Darlene,

    Looking forward to hearing about your amazing trip. Of course I was wondering about how you made your final wardrobe selection and how the suitcase part of your trip worked out.

    How is everything? Have you settled back into your life? Did you say something about getting a country place? What are your your US travel plans in the near future? We will be at a conference in Maine early August. Don’t know what other travel we might do but I need to end up in Colorado by August 7 or 8. Will you be at the Cape? It would be great to see you.

    Things here are good and zooming along as usual. Bob is still recovering from the long saga of his mothers decline and death. His dad is doing OK and we will be in Arkansas for the Barner family reunion in early May.

    Hoping to go somewhere warm in late June or early July. Looking for very warm water and quiet situation. Do you know the Caribbean at all? Thought that maybe an off-season resort might be fun.

    Work is good and challenging as always. Every once in a while I get restless and think I should try something different, but then a new exciting project process itself and I’m often running again.

    Miss seeing you! Come out anytime – it would be a blast.

    Much love,


    Ps – how is your apartment coming along?

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