9 thoughts on “Looks Can Be Deceiving”

  1. Good morning, Darlene,

    Cool, dark and breezy here in Paget as Bella and I sip coffee on our porch overlooking our garden listening to the distant sound of the surf at Elbow Beach accompanied by the songs of the kiskadees. I loved your article and was reminded of many occasions of ordering my non alcoholic drink in a wine glass just so others would think I was imbibing like they were. To this day both Danny and I are still confronted with the astonished statement ‘ what, you mean you don’t drink???’ To which we say yes we do but not alcohol! MO was beautiful on Tuesday. Hope your travels are just the best. Look forward to your next post. Best Brenda

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    1. Jackie
      Wonderful hearing from you.
      And hope we can have a post holiday get together in February.
      Huge Hugs


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