Filterless Friends

7 thoughts on “Filterless Friends”

    1. …and thank you for your input on MY hair 🙂 I guess we can say a Filterless Aquaintance since I didn’t really know you 🙂 But seriously, I’m still getting complements on th style you suggested !


  1. Love this! Very cute. Now I’m dying to see your hair. I bet it looks great. And I’m not being polite. 😎

    Cathie BarnerRED BRIDGE GROUPwww.redbridgegroup.org415 652-8154


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  2. Read with interest… Unfiltered people is a nice phrase to avoid using a psychiatric term for, uhm, something else. Emotional intelligence is a quality which most people have at least “some of”. Some others have none and good people (at the other end of the passive aggressive stick) generally give them the benefit of the doubt by saying (nicely) that “they have their truths”…….. Well, when everyone has “their own truths”, there is no truth… I would hope this says it all. That being said, you can see that I am not as nice as you are…. Cheers!

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