Go To New Zealand. Just Go.

3 thoughts on “Go To New Zealand. Just Go.”

  1. thank you for taking me back to a place that is my favorite (not including my home island)
    your words are spot on. I was sorry to miss the helicopter ride (too cloudy, thank god) but certainly enjoyed a glass or two of Mount Difficulty – much better!

    The South Island is insanely spectacular – cannot wait to return.
    Hopefully 2018
    great post –



  2. Perfect description, thanks for sharing. 🙏🏻 ing for Michael. Xx

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  3. Hi,

    Wonderful description of one of my favorite places on earth! So glad you liked it. Can’t wait till we can be in person and talk about your marvelous trip.

    Chilling after a nice trip to Portland for a few days. Always good to look at life through a different port hole, as my grandfather used to say.

    How are things going with you and Michael? Thinking of you lots and imagining happy healthy results in your lives.


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