9 thoughts on “A GET WELL WISH FOR MAMA”

  1. Lovely words and sentiment Dar, so beautifully expressed about your Mom. I feel so much the same for my own Mom. My mother has difficulty living a good life, 3 years after my Dad’s sudden death( at 99!)(.It is always a surprise, when anyone runs down and out.) She has taken the brunt of illness, suffering from loss of all memory. Living a long life takes away that life piece by piece, sense by sense. Oh, but we are oh so grateful and blessed for having our mothers with us until our own impending old age. Thanks for leading me to contemplate my own love of my mother.


  2. Oh, Darlene! I am so sorry to hear about your wonderful , dear Mother, My thoughts and prayers are with you! I was relating so much to your description of missing loved ones! Your love and respect show through with precision. God bless you and keep you safe and happy!! I feel like I am keeping in touch when I read your blogs!


  3. Oh, Darlene. What a beautiful tribute to your mom. I am sorry to hear about her health issue and will keep you all in my prayers that she bounces back in her indomitable style.



  4. Darlene, I am so sorry to hear your Mom is not well. Please give her a huge hug from me and tell we have a date for lunch at “Beau Rivage” when she is here next.Best wishes for a speedy recovery…..Jules


  5. Darlene, first of all, now we all know why you are SO gorgeous! Sounds like Mom is now OK if she’s talking and making sense…I pray she will make a full recovery! What a shock but so sweet to see your devotion. I’m sending this on to my children as an example of the perfect child!

    all love,

    Helen S.


  6. Hi Darlene, Am crying after reading such a beautiful expression of your love for your Mom, hope she is doing better. Give her my best. Love, Patty


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